Memorial and family portraits by Judy Ogle.

Welcome to my Season’s of Life website. As you can see by browsing through my gallery I do a variety of portraiture…memorial, family, pets, but also homes and churches.

I work exclusively from the photo’s that you provide, using the finest quality Prismacolor pencils, with touches of acrylic paint. All portraits are done on illustration board for lasting quality, then triple sprayed with Krylon for a beautiful finish. Each painting comes to you complete…matted, framed, and with a wired back for easy hanging.

It generally takes me 40 to 100 hours to finish a basic painting. Attention is given to the tiniest detail, and the skin tones alone can have up to 20 layers of color.


Why a portrait instead of a photo?

A photo captures the moment exactly as it is – no exceptions – you get what the camera sees. A family portrait takes the very same moment and layers it in the colors of your choice -  any changes to clothing, hair, or background can be made. You get what you want.


Why a memorial portrait?

A memorial portrait will have a special place in the home, it will be treasured for generations. An old black and white photo can become a vibrant memorial, with the colors they loved, flowers, autumn leaves, perhaps their favorite season.

I love doing memorial portraits – they truly touch the heart. They never fail to bring a tear… this beautiful portrait of someone so greatly loved, so daily missed – as one young lady recently said, ‘you’ve brought my grandmother back to life.’

A memorial portrait makes a treasured gift. A photo of someone that has passed on can be combined with photo’s of family members to make a unique, and complete family keepsake.



Gift Giving Occasions:

Valentines Day               Birthdays

Easter                              Graduations

Mothers Day                  Going away gift

Fathers Day                    Anniversaries

Pastor Appreciation       Promotions

Christmas                        Any life changing events


My father’s portrait – Richard Ogle – was done with an autumn-toned background. It was his favorite time of year.